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We offer this shuttle with a reasonable fare and good routes.

Namahage service

2020/11/1 - 2021/3/31

You can go around to Oga main tourism spots like Oga Station, Namahage Museum, Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum, Shinzan Shrine, Oga Aquarium GAO, Oga Hot Spring Village with this shuttle. We offer this shuttle at a more reasonable price than a taxi, also you can go around Oga in good time.

Please look at departing and arriving spots
No. 1No. 3No. 5No. 7No. 9No. 11No. 13
JR Akita Sta. depart7:428:5210:1412:0913:3815:28
JR Oga Sta. arrive8:389:4911:1013:0714:3316:28
Oga Sta.8:5010:0511:3013:3014:5016:40
Shinzan area9:1510:3011:5513:5515:1517:05
Oga Onsen Village8:409:3015:3017:20
Oga Aquarium GAO9:009:5010:5012:1514:15
No. 2No. 4No. 6No. 8No. 10No. 12
Oga Aquarium GAO10:3012:2513:5015:25
Oga Onsen Village9:1015:45
Shinzan area9:2510:5012:4514:1016:0017:15
Oga Sta.9:5511:2013:1514:4016:3017:40
JR Oga Sta. depart10:2012:1713:4515:3816:5517:55
JR Akita Sta. arrive11:1913:1414:4516:3817:5618:51