Namahage service

Shinzan areaUnshojiOga Onsen VillageOga Aquarium GAONyudozaki
Oga Sta.1,100 yen1,300 yen1,600 yen1,600 yen2,500 yen
Shinzan area1,100 yen1,100 yen1,100 yen1,600 yen
Unshoji1,100 yen1,100 yen1,600 yen
Oga Onsen Village1,100 yen1,600 yen
Oga Aquarium GAO1,100 yen
  • Elementary school students fee is half of Adult.
  • Pre-school child fee is free. (If you need a seat, fee is half of Adult).
  • This price is included Tax. It does not included museum admission fee.

Unlimited Ride Ticket (Availabel by Namahage Shuttle Bus only)

2 Day Ticket3,500 yen
(Elementary school students 1,500 yen)
  • Pre-school children are free
  • Expiration date: 2 consecutive days (If the next day is not a service day, it is valid only on that day)
  • Advanced tickets are on sale at the following locations: "JR-EAST Travel Service Center (View Plaza)" or "Oga Station Tourist Information Center"
  • You can purchase it on the day in the bus