• Namahage Shuttle ServiceNamahage Hop On Hop Off Bus

    The buses that are operated during the following periods do not require reservations: weekends and holidays from July 11 to Sep. 22 and everyday from August 11 to 14. Unlimited ride passes with special benefits are also available.
    *A reservation is required for the first bus of the day throughout the year.
    *Bus service is not available during consecutive national holidays in May.
    *Depending on the future situation, the schedule might be changed.

  • Namahage Shuttle Service

    Outside the peak seasons, you can still tour around Oga by using Namahage Shuttle Service. This follows the same route and timetable as in the peak seasons. However, tickets must be purchased individually for each section. Please note that fees vary from section to section. Online reservations can be made by 9.00pm on the evening before intended travel (telephone reservations until 5.00 p.m. the day before). This service is available for both single travelers and groups.

Reservations are not needed for Namahage Hop On Hop Off Bus. However, in order to accurately estimate the number of passengers, it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance.
2020.4.7... Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection(COVID-19), the service start month of Namahage Hop On Hop Off Bus has been changed from the originally scheduled May to July. The schedule may be future charged depending on the future situation. We would appreciate your understanding.