The Namahage Shuttle Service is now more convenient and comfortable than ever for a limited time!


"Namahage Service" no reservation needed!
"West coast Service" is now unlimited on reservations made before 9:00 p.m. on the previous day of intended travel.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available for use on your journey!
  • Take advantage of the many special promotional offers available at a range of tourist facilities around the peninsula that you can use on your day of travel!

Available every Saturday, Sunday, as well as on public holidays from July 1st - Oct. 28th (2018) including July 2nd - 3rd and Aug. 3rd - 14th.

1 Day Ticket
3,500 yen
Elementary school students are 1,500 yen.
Pre-school children are free!
2 Day Ticket
4,500 yen
Elementary school students are 2,000 yen.
Pre-school children are free!

*Tax included in price *Price is also available for the usual Namahage Shuttle Service (section rate)

Advanced tickets are on sale at the following locations: "JR-EAST Travel Service Center (View Plaza)" or "Oga Station Tourist Information Center"

You can purchase it on the day in the bus or "Oga station tourist information office"

  • *We have enough seating capacity available for expected use of service, however we appreciate your cooperate in advance for reservation issues due to capacity limit.
  • *The 2 Day Ticket is intended for service operation on two consecutive days (In the case of the second day, if the service does not operate on a Monday, for example if there is no public holiday on the Monday, you can not use the two day ticket on a consecutive Sunday & Monday).
  • *The "West coast service" will operate with the normal Namahage shuttle service. For this, it is necessary to make a reservation via the website (until 9:00 p.m. on the previous day) or via telephone (up until 5:00 p.m. on the previous day).

Namahage Shuttle Service: Promotional Offer

We are now offering promotional services available to our passengers that can be redeemed at participating businesses around the Oga Peninsula.
Please check out the details below!
*Promotion available at multiple locations.
*Available from Jul. 1st - Oct. 28th (2018)

Just Present your "Ride Certificate" at Participating Businesses

Oga Station

Michinoeki (roadside station) Oga "Ogare"
One complimentary soft drink at the restaurant and 50 yen off gellatto at GAOgela.
Oga kaisen ichiba
5% discount on souvenir items. One free drink for seafood restaurant diners.
Restaurant Sono
One complimentary ice coffee with your meal.
One free side dish with your main meal.
For dining customers - one free coffee or juice.
Gourmet store Fukushima
10 yen discount on "Fukushima Croquette" or 5 for 850 yen (100 yen discount.) (A famous local deli shop)
Moroi Brewery (Sauce & Miso)
8% discounted shopping and 1 free 50ml bottle of "Gyoshou Zanmai" fish sauce.
Sweet shop Gontaro Honten
5% discount on purchasing over 1000 yen (excluding tax.)

Nyudozaki (Cape Nyudo)

Namahage goten
10% discount on souvenirs and meals.
Nyudozaki Kaiyou
One complimentary "Fried hatahata" or "Hatahata tempura" mini rice bowl.
Misaki kaikan
5% discount on souvenirs and meals.
One free grilled turban (a local shellfish.)
10% discount on souvenirs and meals.

Oga Onsen (hot spring) Village

Oga Onsen community hall "Gofu"
A small gift for audience members who come to see the traditional Namahage Taiko drum performance.

Shinzan Namahage area

Namahage Museum
Discount entry to the Namahage Museum and the Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum. (Combined price: 864 yen > 810 yen)

Oga Aquarium GAO

Oga Aquarium GAO
50 yen discount on fresh ice cream (1 discount per ticket.)
One free soft drink for guests.
One free alcoholic drink for guests.


Hotel Kiraraka
One glass of beer or one soft drink served with dinner for guests.


One free soft drink for guests.
Shiose Ryokan
Complimentary coffee with breakfast for guests.
Confirm the location of the depot and participating business on the map