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About Oganavi operations

It is sightseeing information site of Oga that Oganavi, private enterprise "Oganavi" of local Oga run. We report by oneself, and the Oganavi staff investigates much information and introduces in own subjectivity. Furthermore, we hold public institution and private enterprise and information sharing such as Oga-shi government office or Oga-shi tourist association and run to provide every information about sightseeing in Oga.

It is sightseeing site of 100% of subsidy or trust costs private enterprise administration that we do not get economical support at all for administration from Oganavi, public institution. We take good care of recommending "thing thinking that oneself is really good" to tourists with confidence as Oganavi, local people. All people do not think to be taste that Oganavi has the same, but it goes through thought to want "own thing thinking that it is good" to introduce and sends information of various Oga in Oganavi staff glance.

Oganavi company profile

Company name
Oganavi Co. Ltd.
Representative director Hajime Funaki
2-12-8 Kaigandori, Funagawaminato Funagawa, Oga, Akita 010-0511, Japan
Contact information
TEL: +81-185-23-2465 (weekdays 10:00 - 17:00)
FAX: +81-185-24-5044
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Apr. 19, 2005
3,500,000 yen
Business outline
Design, Creative section
Sightseeing information dispatch business of Oga by administration of Oga city official recognition sightseeing site Oganavi.
EC business of product, special product of Oga by Oganavi online shop.
Production business such as designs such as trust production, management administration of website or package, printed matter.
The local ingredients production sales division
Development such as processed marine products or special product including "hatahata senbei" and production sale business.
Eating and drinking offer business such as straight juice or fish and chips using special product of Oga using kitchen car.

About copyright

We prohibit unauthorized use, reproduction of publication image, sentence. When unauthorized use becomes clear, we demand the fee for use.

Document published Oganavi in, image or other books are protected by Copyright Act and other laws. Or we just modify these parts or all, and, without consent, it is prohibited regardless of the media, means by reproduction, conversion, the transmission, the screening that we use.

All of media (when we want to use sightseeing photograph of Oga)

We download photograph image which is usable for sightseeing PR of Oga in Oganavi download center and loan. Publication-related person in charge has many travel agencies and uses. Please use casually.

About link to Oganavi

Please set link to Oganavi freely. You may set link to any page, but page is deleted, and please decide link setting page after understanding by change of file name as you may become running out of link.

Privacy policy

In part of Oganavi, we may ask about personal information. We are mainly by personal information that information to ask about is necessary for in the case of offer of service such as the name, e-mail address of customer and the later connection.
On individual pages such as campaigns of mention in particular when there is not, perform the handling of personal information less than Oganavi.

Inquiry by inquiry form email
We use for reply of inquiry. In addition, about inquiry contents, we may publish in Q&A, but place by contents which deleted part equal to personal information on this occasion.
As it becomes shipment from Oga-shi government office or Oga-shi tourist association about brochure sending inquiry desired, we transfer personal information that is necessary for shipment of the name of customer or address.
Customer registration, order processing in Oganavi online shop, Oganavi download center
We use for handling of order procedure (including information for shipment).
We use for statistics data
As attribute information (the metropolis and districts, the generation, sex of address) that cannot identify individual, we may use for statistics data.
Offer of personal information except the above
When we collect personal information and notify third party, we tell about purpose, use content beforehand and have agreement, registration for will of customer. When the situation to use other than the use purpose mentioned above occurs, we disclose and may not contribute to third party without consent of customer. But it is not this limit in purposes to protect right, property of case and our group which there was proposal by legal engines.


We do not guarantee the accuracy in Oganavi, all of placed information. After understanding, we would like to be able to use Oganavi.

Use of Oganavi shall be carried out in responsibility of customer. About every damage that arose from other websites where link is set in our site and our site by the use of acquired various information, operator (Oganavi) does not take responsibility for all. In addition, customer accessed in our site and Oganavi both Oganavi to run shall agree to what is restricted by law of Japan about the use of our site.

Please note that we change publication contents of site without notice or you may be canceled.