Oga Guided Tours (Volunteer guide is only available in Japanese)

Oga Peninsula - Ogata Geopark Guide

Oga Peninsula - Ogata Geopark Guide

We offer certified guide tours made to order, around Oga Peninsula - Ogata Geopark. Places to visit and group size is open for consultation.

  • Reservation: Oga city Culture and Sports Division TEL +81-185-24-9104
  • Tour Fee: 2000 yen / 1h, 5000 yen / 3h, 6000 yen / 4h, 7000 yen / 5h, 8000 yen / 6h
    *If the group is over 20 people, we will allocate 2 tour guides.
Oga Peninsula Volunteer Guides

Oga Peninsula Volunteer Guides

By tracing the footsteps of Masumi Sugae, historical exploration of Akagami training trails, solo travellers to groups also allowed. (handicapped travelers welcome)

  • Reservation: TEL +81-90-6682-4062 FAX +81-185-46-4119
  • Guide Area: Oga Peninsula
  • Tour Fee: Free (Please bear the transportation and communication costs.)