How to get to Oga.

Re-checking informations before travelling are recommended.

Using the train

Akita Shinkansen Komachi

Tokyo Sta. - Akita Sta.15 round trips / 1dabout 4 hours
Sendai Sta. - Akita Sta.1 round trips / 1dabout 2.5 hours

From Akita Sta. to Oga Sta.(JR Oga line)

JR stations within Oga-city are Funakoshi, Wakimoto, Hadachi, and Oga. Getting off at the last stop Oga is the most common way to visit Oga peninsula.

Akita Sta. - Oga Sta.15 round trips / 1dabout 1 hour
  • Using taxis and busses is common to visit places within Oga peninsula.
  • Wakimoto station is the nearest station to Mt.Kanpu, but taxis are the only means of transport.
  • Free shuttle busses can be provided if you are staying at a hotel or a ryokan in Oga.
  • Public busses run in a schedule for local residents.
  • Renting a car from Akita station and Akita airport is also recommended.

Using the airplain

Akita airport

Tokyo (Haneda)JAL・ANA9 flights / 1d65 min
Sapporo (New Chitose)JAL・ANA4 flights / 1d55 min
Osaka (Itami)JAL・ANA6 flights / 1d80 min
Nagoya (Chubu Centrair)ANA2 flights / 1d85 min

Odate-Noshiro Airport

Tokyo (Haneda)ANA2 flights / 1d70 min

Akita airport - Oga

Akita Airport Liner

Share taxi (Akita Airport Liner Oga Peninsula Line) from Akita airport to Akita station and Oga Station is also available.

Akita airport - Akita Sta. - Oga Sta.

Limousine busses run from Akita airport to Akita station.Akita Sta. - Oga Sta.

Rent a car

Both Akita and Odate-Noshiro airport provides a car rental service near the airport.

Using the car

Tohoku Expressway Kitakami JCT. - Akita Expressway - Showa Ogahanto IC. (About 20 min to Oga)

Travelling time from neighboring Prefectures.

Distance and time are calculated as 80 km/h on highways and 40 km/h on regular roads.
Expressway information : eNEXCO driveplaza

AkitaAkitaabout 40 kmabout 1 hoursRoute 7
AomoriAomoriabout 170 kmabout 3.5 hoursRoute 7
Hirosakiabout 140 kmabout 2.5 hoursRoute 7
IwateMoriokaabout 220 kmabout 3 hoursRoute 46
YamagataSakataabout 160 kmabout 3.5 hoursRoute 7
Yamagataabout 260 kmabout 5 hoursRoute 13
MiyagiSendaiabout 300 kmabout 4 hoursTohoku Expressway

Travelling time from places within Akita.

Distance and time are calculated as 80km/h on highways and 40km/h on regular roads. Starting point is set at Oga Tourist Information Center.
*Clicking on the link will jump you to a google map route.

Akita Sta.about 30 kmabout 40 min
Akita airportabout 50 kmabout 1 hour
Ogata (Michinoeki Ogata)about 16kmabout 20 min
Noshiroabout 40 kmabout 50 min
Hachimori Hatahatakanabout 65 kmabout 1.3 hours
Shirakami-Sanchi (World Heritage Conservation Center, Fujisatokan)about 70kmabout 1.5 hours
Lake Towadaabout 140 kmabout 3 hours
Lake Tazawaabout 100 kmabout 2 hours
Kakunodateabout 80 kmabout 1.6 hours
Akita Furusato Villageabout 100 kmabout 1.3 hours
Yuri Honjoabout 65 kmabout 1 hours
Roadside Station Kisakata Nemu no Okaabout 90 kmabout 1.6 hours
Mt.Chokaisanabout 145 kmabout 3 hours
Road Station Ogachiabout 125 kmabout 1.6 hours
Akinomiya Hot Spring Villageabout 140 kmabout 2 hours

Using the ferry

To Akita (Akita Port) by Shin Nihonkai Ferry

About 30 min by car from Akita Port to Oga