Re-checking informations before travelling are recommended.

Rent a car

Renting a car from Akita station and Akita airport is recommended.

Rent a car service is not available within Oga-city.
Renting a car from Akita station and Akita airport is recommended.

Nippon Rent-A-CarAkita Sta., Akita airport
NISSAN Rent a CarAkita Sta., Akita airport
Times CAR RENTALAkita Sta., Akita airport
Eki Rent-a-car East Japan Akita Sales OfficeAkita Sta.

Taxi / Tour Bus

Namahage Shuttle (Car sharing Taxi)

A convenient way to travel around Oga Peninsula. The route covers, Oga Station, Oga Onsen Village, Namahage Museum, Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum, Shinzan Shrine, Oga Aquarium, and Cape Nyudo. The shuttle is a bit convenient than the bus and budget friendly than a taxi. Of course solo travlellers are welcome. Through April to October, and Satruday, Sunday and Holidays, the shuttle changes into a schedule run bus (allowing drop-ins).

  • For use by 1 person or more!
  • You need to reserve until 9:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. on the phone) of the previous day.

Sightseeing Taxi: Mt.Kanpu Route

Ran by Funakawa Taxi

A plan to enjoy the view from Mt.Kanpu departuring from Oga Station or Oga Onsen Village. A discount and a coupon for the rotating observatory is included.

  • 2 people or more
  • Operation period: Late Mar. to Nov.
  • Oga Sta. - Mt. Kanpu Panorama Observation Deck - Oga Sta. : 2500 yen per person
  • Oga Sta. - Mt. Kanpu Panorama Observation Deck - Oga Onsen : 3000 yen per person
  • Oga Onsen - Mt. Kanpu Panorama Observation Deck - Oga Sta. : 3000 yen per person

Custom Made Sightseeing Taxi

For inquiries and reservations, please contact the Oga City Tourism Association at +81-185-24-4700

You will be able to decide where to visit within the 2hour limit. (Driver's recommendation route available).

  • No Reservation Needed
  • 2 people or more
  • 3500 yen per person
  • 3360 yen added every 30 min
  • combining two 2h plan is not possible
  • Solo travellers are accepted with two people's fee

Cape Nyudo Sunset Bus

A shuttle bus from Oga Onsen Village to Cape Nyudo; famous for it's beautiful sunset. A postcard souvenier will be given to every guest.

  • Scheduled at sunset time.
  • Fee: 1,000 yen (Kids 500 yen)
  • Reservation accepted at hotel receptions.
  • Note: the bus will be cancelled if there are less than 4 guests.

Sightseeing Taxi: Shirakami Route

3000 yen per person / Ran by OK Kanko Taxi

A plan to transit from Oga Onsen Village to JR Higashi Noshiro Station, Resort Shirakami departs from this station and will allow passengers to visit Shirakami Mountains easily from Oga.

Regular taxi fee.

The fee might increase due to time and distance, but passengers will be able to cover all the places they want to visit. Jumbo taxis that allow up to 9 people is also equipped.

Company namePhoneBase
Funakawa Taxi+81-185-23-2211Funakawa (Near Oga Sta.)
Sanju-Goban Taxi+81-185-35-2135Funakoshi (Near Funakoshi Sta.)
Ukita Sanko Taxi Kitaura Office+81-185-47-7011Kitaura

A prediction of the regular taxi fee. (one way)

Oga Sta. - Mt.Kanpuabout 3,700 yen
Oga Sta. - Namahage museumabout 4,000 yen
Oga Sta. - Oga Onsenabout 5,700 yen
Oga Sta. - Nyudozakiabout 7,000 yen
Oga Sta. - Godzilla rockabout 3,700 yen
Oga Sta. - Oga aquarium GAOabout 7,500 yen

Public Bus.

Since public busses run in a schedule for local residents, it sometimes does not suit the tourists needs.

  • Public bus stops near Namahage museum and Mt.Kanpu are both more than 30min walk away, we recommend tourists to use the Namahage shuttle bus.
  • Using public bus from Oga Onsen Village to Oga Aquarium will require you to stay at the aquarium for 5 hours, thus we also recommend tourists to use the Namahage shuttle bus.