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  • 男鹿ぶるーべりーガーデン
  • 男鹿ぶるーべりーガーデン
  • 男鹿ぶるーべりーガーデン

Oga Blueberry Garden

"25 kinds, total of 1,000 blueberry trees are grown organically here. Every year during July and August guests can experience blueberry picking with 300yen. (Picked blueberrys are sold 200yen/ 100g)
Taste and size vary from one kind to another, so enjoy tasting the difference and find your own favorite.

Also, next to the garden is the Blueberry Cafe, blueberries picked in the garden are used on blueberry pizzas and blueberry smoothies.
There is also lunch plate that uses local produces and seafood.

●There are times when we have to refrain from accepting customers due to bluberry's growing speed.
●Be sure to wear long sleeves and sneakers if you are thinking of doing the blueberry picking.
●10 or more people need to reserve in advance."

Last Update: 2020-07-17

〒010-0681 12-1, Kanda, Kitaura Aikawa, Oga
Phone: 080-2842-1884

Business hours:
10AM to 4PM
Regular holiday:
Wednesday and Thursday (Some other closing dates due to weather)
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Inquiries by phone