• 真山神社
  • 真山神社
  • 真山神社
  • 真山神社
  • 真山神社
  • 真山神社

Shinzan Shrine

Like the main mountain in the south and the Mt.Kanpu in the east, Mount Shinzan, located in the northern part of Oga, prospered as a sacred place of mountain worship from ancient times under the patronage of the rulers of the time.
Its prosperity is still intact at the Shinzan Shrine. Surrounded by a grove of cedar trees, the precincts are quiet and have a majestic atmosphere since ancient times.
The shrine's precincts are also famous for the Namahage Sedo Festival, which is held every February as a place associated with Namahage.
In the surrounding area, there are many things to see, such as the ruins of the old famous temple, Akagamisan Henshoin Kohanji Temple, the Oga Shinzan Tradition Hall, which reproduces the Namahage event, and the Namahage museum, which collects Namahage masks from each village in the Oga Peninsula.
There is a 1,000 year old Kaya (Japanese nutmeg tree) that is said to be hand planted by Jikaku Daishi (a Japanese Buddhist monk) in the front yard of the shrine.
In addition, there are many kinds of plants growing in the mountains at the back of the site (Shinzan and Honzan), even though the area is small.
There are about 70 stone steps from the Niomon gate to the shrine's hall of worship (it's a bit steep, but each step is not particularly high). There is no wheelchair accessible walkway.

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Head to Namahage Museum. It is located right next to it.