• 男鹿真山伝承館
  • 男鹿真山伝承館
  • 男鹿真山伝承館

Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum

At the Museum, which is a reproduction of a typical Oga house, a typical Oga area house, a reenactment of a New Year's Eve Namahage event in the Shinzan area is held, and you can see the Namahage rampage through the house up close and feel its power.
This is a must-see spot along with the Shinzan Shrine and the Namahage Museum.
Originally, only on New Year's Eve, only locals were allowed to see the Namahage event, but in order to make this event known to a wide range of tourists, the Museum holds a "Namahage Manners and Customs Study Course" to reenact and demonstrate the Namahage event on New Year's Eve in the Shinzan area.

Last Update: 2020-12-22


Head to Namahage Museum. It is located right next to it.