• 寒風山回転展望台
  • 寒風山回転展望台
  • 寒風山回転展望台

Mt.Kanpu Rotating Observatory

Since it opened in 1964, it has been well known to many people.
The Observatory has a souvenir shop and a restaurant on the first floor, an exhibition hall on the second floor where you can see photos from the reclamation of the Hachiro Lagoon, and a reference room on the third floor where you can see specimens and artifacts related to the history, nature and geography of the Oga Peninsula. A popular spot on the 4th floor is the rotating observatory, which rotates for about 13 minutes.
You can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Oogata Village, Mount Chokai, and Iridozaki.
The great panorama that Masumi Sugae, a traveler of the Edo period who visited Oga, praised as "the best of three thousand mankoes in the world".
There are no elevators in the building by spiral staircase.

Last Update: 2021-01-20

Phone: 0185-25-3055
Fax: 0185-25-3225


Continue on route 101 from Funakoshi to Wakimoto. Turn right at Wakimoto Fire Department. After the crossover, there will be the entrance of Mt.Kanpu panorama line on the left. The rotary in front of the Observatory can be used for parking.

Business hours:
8:30AM to 5:00PM
Regular holiday:
Open Season/ Mid March to Beginning of December